Take the Narrow Path

My Happy Place

I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at the age of sixteen.  It’s amazing how God sets up the simplest events that eventually fall into place like dominoes.  God is so good, and he draws us to him and sets us up with opportunities to find Him, seek Him and know Him.

Domino Number 1:

During my childhood, my parents attended a church on and off, but mostly off.  Before the age of thirteen, I rarely went to church and when I did, I felt lost and out of place.  But my parents began attending more regularly as we got older.  The little church must have been desperate for teachers because my parents were asked, or more like cornered, into “teaching” a 10th grade Sunday school class.  It was no secret that they weren’t qualified for the job.  They told  the church pastors that they hardly knew the Bible, and felt the students would know more than they did, nevertheless, they finally agreed to take on leadership of this class.  I was thirteen.

Domino Number 2:

We had moved that summer a little further away from the little church, but still the drive was not far.  The membership was terribly low in my parents 10th grade class, so they came up with a plan.  Pretty ingenious really.  They would do what many leaders do to encourage attendance of just about any type of class or meeting; they would feed them.  They figured surely 10th graders would show up for donuts if nothing else.  Now, in order to buy the donuts, we had to take a different route to church.  So, every Sunday we turned left instead of right and went the long way around that would take us to the donut shop first.  It also took us past the newly built large white church that intrigued my parents.

Domino Number 3:

Sunday after Sunday we passed the large white church on our way to the donut shop.  Finally, my parents curiosity got the better of them.  They decided to visit the white church.  We never went back to our other little church.  This church was dynamic and preached Jesus like none of us had ever heard before.  I remember so well wanting to fit in.  My first time to attend Sunday School I pasted a smile on my face and greeted every one like they were old friends, all the while I felt terribly scared on the inside.  But I did make a number of new friends and the scared feeling subsided.  That was a good summer.  I felt a light inside of me.

Domino Number 4:

Things happen, unfortunately, even in churches.  This one experienced a split.  The pastor was getting a divorce.  It was a very hard time for many.  My parents quit attending the main church service and only my Mom would go to Sunday school by herself .  I went back to school that year and felt my light fade.  It would become quite dark within me for a few years.  I was now trying to fit in with those students around me at school, but now it was darkness around me instead of the light.  I began to use foul language, experiment with pot and alcohol.  I was fortunate that these drugs were not readily available to me.

Domino Number 5:

My home life all during my childhood was shrouded in secrets.  Some I could not tell, some I didn’t want to tell, some I would not even find out about until years later.  When I turned sixteen, a friend invited me to her church.  I enjoyed her friendship and was glad to go to church with her.  Afterwards, the thought entered my mind that I wanted to go to “my church” again someday.  You know, the big white church I never attended anymore.

Domino Number 6:

A praying grandmother.

Domino Number 7:

I woke up early the very next Sunday feeling something I hadn’t known or felt in years.  I can only describe it as feeling like a light had turned on inside of me.  I wanted to go to church.  I surprised my Mom that morning and rode to Sunday school with her.  She agreed to come back and pick me up after church.  I couldn’t tell you what was preached, I just knew I had to return again.  And I did.  I started attending every service I could.  The light was good.  The light was Jesus.

 Within the next couple of weeks, I would walk down the aisle and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. My life would never be the same.

I began reading my bible every day.  I only wanted to listen to Christian music and refused to play anything else on the radio.  I became active in the youth group and attended every meeting available.  Best of all, I began to pray.  I spent long prayer times with Jesus whenever I could.  I was thirsty and wanted more and more of this fulfilling “water.”  People I had gone to school with all my life noticed the transformation that had taken place within me.  One friend later told me that she used to be afraid of me!  But not now, now I was changed.

This is my story.  I have so much more to tell you.



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