My Solid Ground

Dear friends,

I wrote the following poem for a friend who was struggling with depression.  I know, because I too, have that same struggle.  I take medication which also helps.  I did everything I could for months on end to stop the depression including seeking Jesus AND going to my primary care physician who gave me multiple question/answer tests over six months that concluded I was getting worse.  Yet, the primary care doctor wanted to find a hormonal base as the cause of my depression and referred me to my gyn doctor.  (Note: Some depression does have a hormonal base)  My gyn doctor immediately pulled out his prescription pad when I told him all and he looked at the test results – (blood/hormonal and question/answer).  He was in disbelief I’d be put off and not prescribed an antidepressant medicine.  He felt clearly it was not hormonal.

My point is this: Being a Christian doesn’t negate that depression is a real problem where sometimes medication can help.  It is the Lord that allows this world the scientific/medical knowledge and advancement we have today.  There is help to be had.

It is the Lord who lifts my burden and gives me grace to overcome the “condemnation” and lack of understanding from some in the Christian community about depression.

If you need help, seek it out, please.  Take everything to the Lord.  He is your rock!

My Solid Ground

Heavy within,

Pulling down, pulling down.

Not blue, not circumstance,

No blame, just bound.


Depression is its name,

Though few understand.

The inner struggle,

Is like sinking sand.


You try to get out,

And dig with all might.

But sink lower and lower,

Loosing the fight.


I cry out to Him,

Whom hears and He knows.

His grace, His love,

In my heart He sows.


A new song unto Him,

I choose to sing.

His grace is sufficient,

Solid ground it brings!


My burden is lifted,

And taken away.

No condemnation, to my Savior,

I’ll always pray.


And I’ll keep Him near,

I need Him so.

Even thanking Him,

Whether my struggles stay or go.


Because nothing makes sense,

Until you walk close to Him.

With your heart toward God,

All other things dim.


I’ll question Him not,

Of this struggle of mine.

And seek Him, seek Him,

And let His light shine.


When my heart is full,

Of His grace and truth.

It matters not,

What I’m going through.


For He takes my burden,

It soothes my soul.

What an amazing God,

Who makes me whole!


Now the sand is still here,

It’s all around.

But to the Rock I’ll cling,

He’s my solid ground.


*Featured Image Note: This is my Irish Setter, Baylie, all balled up in a chair.  She actually likes to sleep this way.  I chose it because I felt it was representative of a feeling of depression: “leave me alone, just let me curl up and lay here.”  The problem with depression is that you don’t want to leave that place.  If you feel this way temporarily, not  a problem, but if you feel this way constantly for more than a month, please seek help. 




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