Chisel, Chisel

The Lord said to Moses, “Chisel out two stone tablets like the first ones, and I will write on them the words that were on the first tablets, which you broke.” Exodus 34:1

We will always have a task to accomplish in God’s plan. He created us for fellowship, for relationship – with Him and with others. He will not just do it all himself. If we don’t chisel, if we don’t do our part then we miss out on God’s incredible blessing and God’s will for our lives and quite possibly the lives of others.

Our work is prayer (Moses chiseled the stones first and then was able to come to the mountain of God and spend time with Him and receive from Him). Our work is reading and studying His word. Our work is using our talents for His glory. Our work is letting God’s strength be made known in our weakness. Our work is obedience to the Lord.

We must chisel out time to spend with our Lord and He will write on the tablets of our hearts.

I wonder how difficult it was for Moses to chisel stone tablets out of the side of a mountain. What tools did He use? I don’t doubt God provided tools to accomplish the task He’d given Moses. I imagine it took Moses days and days of hard work to get the tablets ready for God to write on them.jesse-orrico-62699-unsplash

God always has a purpose, a plan, a design in what He asks us to do. Perhaps it takes hard work just to get to a certain point. We don’t feel like we are accomplishing much, but we keep on doing what will get us closer to our Lord. We pray and read, and live out the Christian life, and use our talents for Him.

During that time, God is working in our hearts and preparing us for the revelation of His glory, the revelation of what all of our welding with the tools He’s given us has accomplished.

When Moses had done as the Lord commanded the Lord came down and stood there with him and passed in front of Moses and revealed His glory to Moses.

Allow the Lord to reveal Himself to you, the more you chisel time in prayer, the greater the revelation shall be!

Keep chiseling my friends! God is revealing His glory through you to somebody who needs Him. Always speak with gentleness, love and uncompromising Truth.

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