He Calls

Jesus, my soul cries out to you. I have let the world infiltrate today and it has leeched me dry. Too much Facebook, too much TV, too much of my attention on the raging problems of this world and way too little focus on my Lord.

I turn to You my Lord. I turn to the only One who can soothe my soul, Praise You Lord and King, it is You who know and love the depths of who I am. May all that my life is, all the little things and all the big things point to the One who is the lover of my soul. For He is good. He is light. He is life. He is perfect.

He calls for me to memorize scripture and I play a game on my phone instead.

He calls me to commune with Him in prayer and I watch a TV show instead.

He calls for me read His word and I add another Pin to my Pinterest Board.

He calls me to worship with Praise and I watch the latest You-tube videos instead.

My eyes grow weary of constant light emanating from various screens, and I wonder why my mind is burdened and my heart is heavy within me?

Thank you Lord for Your Beautiful saving Grace. A Grace that covers me. A Grace that is not to be trampled under foot. Thank you Lord that You call… and You call… and You call.

You never stop longing for me to come to You because You have created me and You know that it is only in my Savior that I will find answers. It is only in my Lord that I will find peace. It is only in You who loves me like no other that I will find what my heart, soul and mind needs.




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