Christmas According to Hallmark

Anybody who has watched a Hallmark Christmas movie knows how predictable they are. I guess for some that’s the charm. There’s comfort in knowing that all will turn out perfect in the end.

You know the story line. The man will find the love of his life but have to overcome a mountain of a roadblock in order to win her affection. Okay, more like a bump in the road instead of a mountain, but hero and heroine always find each other in the end. 

Love wins in a Hallmark Christmas story. You’ll find stories of family, new friends and reunion of old acquaintances. Most of the shows deal with overcoming the past in order to live and go forward with a better future. Of course, like most any movie, the “overcoming” is faster and simpler than in real life. But that too is part of the attraction. Ahhh, life is simpler in a Hallmark movie.

While I do like Hallmark channel where the stories consist of wholesome messages of family, friends, reunions, reconciliation, and giving, I long for something more in their Christmas movies.

I long for Jesus to not only be mentioned but celebrated. I long for a deeper story of why we even celebrate Christmas. I long for nativity: Mary, Joseph, Angels, shepherds and most of all Jesus. I long for the hearts and minds of the characters to experience revelation of centuries old prophesies and the hope and freedom the Christ child brings. Okay that last one may be hoping for a little too much.

Photo by Walter Chavez/Unsplash

I haven’t found any mention or hardly reference to Jesus in Hallmark Christmas shows. What I have found has left me empty. I have seen Hallmark Channel present Christmas as stories where they wish upon a snow globe and their wishes come true. I have watched a tale where a magical stocking helps out with a family’s problems and guides them through hardship and brings them together again. In another show there is magic in the ornaments that parents send to their daughter. All turns out well for the daughter while the ornaments hang on the tree, but once they are removed her life begins to go awry. 

Photo by Nicole Honeywill/Unsplash

Not all of them have the blatant idolatry as mentioned above, but I have definitely grown weary of their hollow rendition of the Christmas.

I don’t find any problem in Christmas celebration with lights, Christmas trees, presents, family, parties, food, wreaths, N A T I V I T Y! But all of it should be about Jesus. When we celebrate or exchange gifts do we even mention Jesus? Oh how far we (our nation) seem to have fallen away. 

The Christmas season has just begun. The most important thing we can do is to make some time in all the busyness of the season to talk to Jesus. Find a quiet place anywhere – a room in your home, the car, a walk around the neighborhood. Ask Jesus whatever you need to ask Him. Start the conversation. Talk to Him and expect the conversation to be just that – a conversation. Take some time to also listen. You might do this by reading the Bible, a devotional, listening to a sermon or just knowing His voice in depths of your soul. 

Photo by Jenny Smith/Unsplash

He so longs for you to come to Him. He has already come to you. First as Creator, then as babe born in a manger who grew in perfection (without sin) to a man that suffered a brutal death and died with nailed hands and feet to a cross. He took on your sins on the hope that you would come to him. And He was raised to life that you might also be raised with Him.

Jesus longs for relationship with you. Come to Him this Christmas season and don’t ever stop.  

Why would you wish upon the stars when you can talk to the One who created them?

Photo by Ben White/Unsplash

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