I See You There, Love Christina


Would you like to hear a beautiful story? It’s about a girl. A girl who loved Jesus. A girl who beat insurmountable odds from birth. She wasn’t supposed to live…said the doctors. She wasn’t suppose to eat, walk, or talk…said the doctors. She wasn’t supposed to do so many things. But Jesus had other things in mind for this girl’s life. It’s a story of her life and a story of Jesus light shinning brightly through her. A story of life, death, heaven and Jesus.

I See You There Love, Christina XOXOXO, is the incredible true story of Christina Ann Best, who survived the odds stacked against her at birth, of not only living but thriving. Miracles abounded in Christina’s young life, including a trip to heaven. Then, at the age of twenty-eight, amidst tremendous health issues, Jesus opens Christina’s eyes to Himself and heaven as well. Christina’s mother, Missy Kistner, tells us her personal journey with her daughter that will profoundly inspire your bond with family and your Christian walk with Jesus.

The book is ready now from Missy’s website and can be purchased for $13.99 plus shipping: You can order here:

Do you know why I love this book?

  • Because Jesus is made known in a very personal way
  • Because it proves how powerful prayer is.
  • Because it shows Jesus’ great love for us
  • Because Jesus is always with us even when you can’t see Him, or in Christina’s case, when you can see Him.

And because…Missy and I wrote this book and I would love for you to read it.

If you’d like to leave comments or book reviews, Missy and I invite you to do so. There is also a video of Christina on the facebook page. Those will be meaningful especially after you read the book.


If you are a kindle reader, you can download the book from amazon here:

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