He Spoke

He spoke the earth and sun into existence,
The artistry of the Almighty.
The first, yet unfilled in it's emptiness,
Next in brilliance shone, made precisely

For planetary celestial bodies to whirl around
and the orb of night to reflect.
As lighted twinkling grains in sky profound
He made them with purposes and effect.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
The word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

He made all things, and things to correspond,
To reveal His glory, His goodness brimming.

The planets started their revolving dance,
Around the sun created in fiery, magnetic, radiant workmanship.
Light was their joy in the expanse,
Galactic direction and gravitation, their inner scripts.

He who made the great lights,
The sun to govern the day,
The moon and stars to govern the night
His love endures forever,
and forever will stay.

Oh starry night serenade our God, our Creator, ascend your praise,
Oh incandescent sun, a mere dot compared to our Great Lord,
Gather together with full moon and in harmony raise,
For this you are prepared, and your joy assured.

And you earth the third from the sun,
Expressly fixed on axis rotate,
Formless and empty you begun
But chosen expressly by Father's mandate.

You shall nourish and cradle His imaged loved ones,
While cherished Holy Spirit moves and They create,
From your dust, earth, tender Love formed
A man, a living being, with His Creator reticulate.

Created animals and birds of the sky
Heavens and earth completed in all their vast array
Lift your euphoric joy and glorify
Original Originator, Who created all in seven days.

Unimagined love, unfathomable Goodness
Gifted to mankind.
I desire Your fullness
Take my heart with yours and intwine.

Join me brethren, join me stars, join me created things
In this joy with angels and heavenly hosts
Choreographed praise for our King of Kings
Yea, our cherished Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

Infinite One, Never Changing, and Self Sufficient
Boundlessly Good, Perfect in all You do,
Unequally Wise, Faithful, All powerful and all knowing, Omnipresent
Gracious in Love, You are Holy, Holy, Holy and True.

Headline photo by Aperture Vintage/Unsplash.com
Italicized wording is word for word Scripture (NIV)

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