Where Glory Belongs

We all have gifts/talents the Lord Jesus has given us.

Are you a writer? Use that talent for Jesus’ glory not your own.

Are you a singer? Then sing to God with all the lovely melodies and words that give Him glory.

Are you one who enjoys books, reading and study? Then study the Word of God with all your mind and fill your mind with that which glorifies His name.

Do you enjoy serving? Volunteer and show Jesus in your words and deeds.

We all have something we enjoy doing and possibly we are really good at doing. There are tons of talented writers, singers, knowledgeable people and even volunteers who don’t use their talents for God – Hollywood is filled with them. Bookstores are filled with them. Airwaves are filled with them.

It is more important than you know to give glory where glory belongs.

Their talents are used for their own glory. But their talents weren’t given to them for their own glory. Yet many people take credit for them as if they themselves placed that talent into their own hands, voices and minds. The good of that talent is lost and many times leads to destruction of themselves, those around them and even society.

We are not meant to be the recipients of getting praise – that honor belongs to God. We were created to be praise givers, not praise hoarders.

Jesus was very careful not to let people praise Him in His humanity. He would slip away after He healed someone, keep a low profile and never ever take credit for authority, power, or gifts given Him by the Father.

Jesus knew in His humanness, that every thing about him belonged to the Father. And that, no matter what hardship, opposition, or difficulty came His way, it had a purpose. And just like his talents that Jesus honored the Father with, he would honor the Father in the hardships too. Because there is purpose, joy, understanding and safety in placing our praise and giving glory where glory belongs.

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