Hello, My Name is Hobbes

Four years ago, we rescued the cutest little Corgi Mix you’ve ever seen. He was only four months old and had been in the shelter for over a month getting treatment for a skin condition. When we found him, his skin was clearing enough and the shelter had just posted his info and picture on the website ready for adoption.

I’d never had a Corgi before and did a little research first to see if (in general) this breed of dog would be a good fit for us. Besides being a favorite breed of the Queen of England, the Corgi temperament is affectionate without being needy and is a nonaggressive dog except where herds are concerned and then it will bound with enthusiasm to “round up” said herd. For me, the Corgi size was just right as well: not too big and not too small. So off we headed to the shelter to meet this little cutie.

Once at the shelter, we asked specifically to see the dog (whom the shelter had name Quiggly) that we saw online and we produced the picture of him from the shelter website.

“Oh Quiggly! Yes you can see him,” said a friendly outgoing girl from behind the counter. “He’s just had a bath.”

We were taken to the back room where the smaller dogs were housed. On our way, we passed cages that we could not see but could hear the occupants bark for attention. As we entered the small dog area, we were met with cages of so many dogs with such sad eyes. I wanted to adopt them all.

The attendant opened a cage and handed us the cutest little Corgi-mix puppy we’ve ever seen. I held him as he shivered in fear. We were given time alone with him even though we really didn’t need it. I knew from the very moment I saw him I wanted to take him and give him a comfortable place for this pup to call home.

Hobbes ears hung down as a young pup, but pretty soon…up they popped!!

My husband stayed in the shelter private room and held and comforted the little pup while I filled out paperwork and paid the fee of $185.00. We took our little pup pup home and gave him a bath. Even though they said they had just bathed him, he stunk to high heavens!

At our home, he met his older sister Baylie, a full blooded Irish Setter. Baylie was a four-year-old when we brought our shelter pup home and as an Irish Setter is known to be, she was full of energy and loved other dogs. She had a brother. She was thrilled. Our new shelter pup on the other hand was a bit nervous of his older, much taller, red-headed sister.

I love my home and my sister Baylie. See, I wear my heart on my cheek!

We decided not to go with the name the shelter had given our new pup. Instead, we gave him a new name: Hobbes.

Here are a few pictures of Hobbes, aka Hobbies, aka Hobby Dobby. He is now four years old. He loves to stare out the big front window in the living room and bark at any truck, passerby, dog, or mailman. He’s like an alarm. He stands guard, gives out the alarm bark, and here comes running his sister Baylie who makes a flying leap onto the chair and joins him in informing all who pass by that this is their home!

That awkward teenage stage when your ears are bigger that your body
“I love this chair, soooo comfy.”
“Can you stick out your tongue and touch you nose? I can!”

Our Hobbes has had many adventures since joining our family, but there is one tragic adventure that is recent. We will let him tell you about it in the next blog post. Be sure to add your email to find out what happened to our sweet Hobbes. His adventure is not over. He’s a fighter.

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