The Owl

A short short story by Terri Givens Featured Image (Owl) by Dennis Buchner/Unsplash I heard an owl last night. For once I was grateful for single-paned drafty windows. His call was close and yet soft in the cold November night air. I attempted to drift off to sleep. […]

Just A Word For Today

Does anyone remember the children’s song entitled, “O Be Careful Little Eyes?” My Grandmother used to sing it to me. It’s a simple little song I’ve remembered all my life. Many times I’ve thought about this song. A simple word for today in Ephesians brings me back to […]

He Calls

Jesus, my soul cries out to you. I have let the world infiltrate today and it has leeched me dry. Too much Facebook, too much TV, too much of my attention on the raging problems of this world and way too little focus on my Lord. I turn […]